Google’s 10 Most Asked Beauty Questions of 2018

What is a lash lift?

Technically it’s referred to as a perm for your lashes, but in our opinion it certainly acts more like a push-up bra for your flutter. This lash treatment lifts, separates, and curls your natural lashes for a look that goes borderline “falsies,” especially if you get your lashes dyed in one fell swoop. It lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks and, by all accounts, doesn’t have any long-term adverse effect on your natural lashes.

What hair color looks best on me?

Just like how face shape dictates which haircuts are most flattering, skin tone makes all the difference when it comes to choosing hair color. Specifically, your skin’s undertone. (If you have warm undertones, the veins on your wrist will look greenish. If you have cool undertones, the veins will look more blue or purple.) So start by picking a tone that’s opposite from your skin’s undertones, whether you want to go blonde, brunette, or red. Those with warm undertones should opt for a cool-toned color, and vice versa.

How to do a cat eye?

The cat-eye look is as iconic as it gets, so you might as well master it—because it’s not going out of style. Ever. If just thinking about creating this feline flick makes you sweat, fret not. It’s oh-so easy once you know how. If you have a steady hand, start by tilting your head back while in front of the mirror and draw a small line from your outermost corner of the lash line towards the outermost edge of your eyebrow. Then, connect the end of that flick with your lash line. If you’re lacking a steady hand, you can use a cotton swab, a spoon, or fashion tape to keep the flick straight as an arrow.

How to take off makeup without makeup wipes?

We’re happy to see this one—because there are no excuses for sleeping in your makeup. So what do you do when you’re out of makeup wipes? Or grab one only to find the entire pack dried up? Micellar water and oil-based cleansers or balms are the best option, but if you don’t have any of those it’s time to get creative. Oil-based products will help remove your face and eye makeup more easily (and gently) than plain soap, and many beauty buffs swear by coconut oil to get the job done. Olive oil and jojoba oil make decent alternatives, though.

How to apply magnetic lashes?

These glue-free falsies sure made a grand entrance in 2018. With the promise of easier application and stayability, we get the hype. To put it simply, each pair comes with two sets of lashes: one each for the top of the upper lash lines and one each for the bottom of the upper lash lines. You’re essentially sandwiching your top lashes with two strips that magnetically attract to keep the falsies in place. We recommend putting mascara on before the lashes to give them something more substantial to clasp onto, and it’s always a good idea to pre-trim the strips to fit the length of your lash line.

How to apply aloe vera on your face?

In the South, aloe vera is a magical friend to have during the hot and humid summer months spent on the lake or at the beach. But in 2018, it joined oddball ingredients like mushrooms and CBD oil as the skincare trend du jour. Aloe vera is believed to have healing properties that fight inflammation and irritation (both of which can stem from dry skin, eczema, acne, and of course sunburns). An easy and fun way to use this cooling ingredient: face masks! Combine aloe vera gel with Manuka honey and leave the mixture on for at least 15 minutes. Result: your glowiest skin ever.

What color concealer to use?

Oh, how concealer still confuses us. Even after all these years. As a rule, it’s always more flattering to lean a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. You’ll be covering under-eye circles and blemishes (which often come with inflammation or hyperpigmentation), and these could both use a lighter concealer shade. If you suffer from facial redness, a green-tinted concealer will correct the coloring—and you won’t look like the Grinch, we promise.

How to fix cakey makeup?

This one’s tricky—because sadly our makeup can betray us whether our skin is dry or oily, and no matter which type of foundation we’re using. And though cakey makeup is never the goal, when it happens we aren’t just going to wash all of our makeup off and start over, right? Luckily, there are a few ways to fix it. Don’t ever start by just taking a makeup brush or sponge and beating your face like it’s a bowlful of egg whites and you’ve got a lemon meringue pie on deck.

Instead, first try to blot your face with oil-absorbing wipes, especially if you use foundation that contains face oils. Then, you can either dampen a makeup sponge or spritz your face with a glowy mist—before dabbing the sponge over the cakey scene to blend the makeup better. If your under-eye concealer is too thick and cracky, it’s best to just dab it off with a makeup wipe and reapply.

How to remove individual eyelashes?

This question refers to both individual fake lashes and lash extensions, and it definitely falls under the “I’m not supposed to do this, but I’m going to anyway” category of beauty practices that we’re all guilty of. (These include picking off your gel manicure and the likes.) With individual false lashes, start by soaking a cotton ball or pad with oil-based eye makeup remover or cleanser, coconut oil, or even olive oil and holding it over the desired lash for at least 30 seconds. This’ll loosen the pesky glue and eliminate the risk of pulling out your natural lashes. Rinse with warm water, then use a spoolie to coax it loose if needed.

How to glue down eyebrows?

Whether you’re gearing up for this year’s Halloween makeup look or you’re trying to feign a new set of eyebrows, gluing down your brows is a skill worth mastering. And yes, there is glue involved.

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