3 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions — Celeb Trainer Says

“Make a Plan. The most successful people cite preparation as their secret weapon,” Katia says. “They map out meals, appointments, and workouts and do not deviate. To them, attending a fitness class is a non-negotiable, just like a business meeting or paying a bill on time. In this, it becomes second nature. On Sunday, take a look at your schedule for the upcoming week and book 3 to 4 group fitness classes. If you know going into things that you have a 7am Follow Along, or a 6:30pm Sculpt you’re more likely to attend than trying to squeeze it in when you think you might have the time.”

“Catch some zzzs. The benefits of sleep have long been touted. Not only can it help improve your memory, stabilize emotions and put you in a better mood, but it also helps curb inflammation, spur creativity, and improves your athletic performance with less daytime fatigue and more stamina (according to a study from Stanford University). But as we all know, going to bed and going to sleep are two entirely different beasts. That’s why I’m a fan of the adult bedtime. Start by calculating 8 hours from when you need to get up in the morning — this is the time you need to be asleep. Next up, an hour before that is your cutoff time for screens. Start unwinding with a routine. Maybe take a nice hot shower. Maybe dab some lavender oil on your wrists. Maybe sit through a five minute guided meditation. All of these activities will urge your body to rest, rather than go down the rabbit hole of Facebook for another 2 hours.”

“Jumpstart Your Mornings. Take the thinking out of your morning routine completely by making it a pattern. I am not one to start my day without coffee, but I try to give myself every edge possible by loading it up with smart and healthy proteins and fats so I am energized. The trick? Add a half a spoonful of solid coconut oil (known to help with weight loss, lower cholesterol and improve brain function), and a spoonful of collagen oil (helps to improve digestive health, build muscle and burn fat, and ease joint pain). You don’t have to cut all vices (caffeine for me is non negotiable) if you’re making them as healthy as humanly possible.”

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