Paris Jackson Defends Micheal Jackson’s Legacy

Michael Jackson’s daughter has reacted to what people are saying about her father. Paris Jackson has reportedly reacted to Leaving Neverland, a two-part mini-documentaries on HBO focusing on the allegations of two men who claim that the late singer abused them as children.

What You Should Know About the New Michael Jackson Documentary

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, Wade Robson—the former choreographer whose allegations of abuse are at the center of a controversial new documentary, Leaving Neverland—wrote in tribute to his friend: Michael Jackson changed the world and, more personally, my life forever. He is the reason I dance, the reason I make music, and one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of humankind. He has been a close friend of mine for 20 years.

Exclusive: Paris, Michael Jackson’s daughter Seeking Treatment For Emotional Health

Paris, who is the daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson has previously spoken about her battles with depression. In 2013, a then 15-year-old Paris was rushed to hospital after a suicide attempt, with the model telling Rolling Stone in 2017 it had followed a period of self-harm and other suicide attempts.