7 Home-Made Remedies For Eczema

Eczema is a common, chronic, non-infectious skin condition. The main symptom of this inflammatory disease is a very itchy rash. 

Eczema, also called dermatitis, is a skin condition that causes patches of itchy, irritated skin. There are many types of eczema. Some cases are a response to an allergen or irritant, while others don’t have a clear cause.

Eczema is sometimes also called “atopic eczema” or “atopic dermatitis.”Natural ways to cure eczema

The truth is natural remedies cannot cure eczema, but they can help manage the symptoms.

1. Aloe Vera

It contains both antibacterial and anti fungal effect. This, combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, could be particularly useful for people with eczema. Irritated, broken skin is more prone to bacterial and fungal infections.

Aloe vera also contains polysaccharides, which may help to stimulate skin growth and healing. The plant may even have due to its natural antioxidant content.

Aloe vera is generally safe, but it can cause mild burning and itching in some people. It isn’t uncommon to be allergic to aloe vera.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is highly acidic. The skin is naturally acidic, but people with eczema may have less acidic skin than others. This can weaken the skin’s defenses.

Applying diluted apple cider vinegar could help balance the skin’s acidity levels, but vinegar can cause burns if it is not diluted.

Besides apple cider vinegar having acetic, lactic, and malic acids that heal, it also beholds a plethora of rich compounds that skin loves. Apple cider vinegar contains the mineral, potassium which discourages the allergic conditions of eczema’s wrath. Vitamins, mineral salts and enzymes are but a few of apple cider vinegar’s healing backbone.

Apple cider vinegar removes impurities from the skin while moisturizing to encourage healthy skin and restoration. 

3. Frequent Bath

Bathing is an important part of eczema treatment. When a person has a skin condition such as eczema, their skin needs extra moisture because the outer layer is not functioning as it should.

The most effective way to treat dry skin is to give it the moisture it needs. Proper bathing and moisturizing are important for this reason — especially if you have eczema. The best way to replace moisture in the skin is to soak in a bath or take a shower and then moisturize immediately afterward.

6. Coconut oil

It hydrates skin which reduces the visibility of eczema.

It also contains lauric acid which helps reduce the presence of bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the skin. This helps to eliminate the risk of infection caused by scratching itchy skin.

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and it may also help to reduce the discomfort associated with eczema. 

7. Honey

It could help prevent infections while moisturizing the skin and speeding healing.

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