Tattooed Eyebrows? Is this a new trend

This is a procedure known as “microblading

More and more women are binning their eyebrow pencils and going under the scalpel. But is it worth the sting?

Semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing has a long history.

The demand for treatments to shape and colour the eyebrows in particular is high.

The hashtag #browsonfleek has been used 2.5m times on Instagram, bringing up selfies, beauty tutorials and before-and-after pictures; internet memes remind readers not to “let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life”.

Little surprise then that microblading is the fastest-growing beauty treatment for the face in Britain, increasing by 424% since 2017, according to Treatwell.

Indeed, many ladies have expressed an interest in permanently tamed brows. They are so important for framing your face, the frequency with which she has her hairs tinted. “Microblading does the work for you.

Semi-permanent make-up is popular with women of all ages and backgrounds, but particularly those who are low on time but highly conscious of their appearance.

They are low effort, high return: a few strokes with a pencil or gel and somehow your whole face is less awful and emphasises that the purpose of microblading is to incrementally fill in the gaps between existing hairs.

Are semi-permanent cosmetic procedures liberating women from the drudgery of daily beauty regimes, or reinforcing the idea that they can and must strive to live up to an ideal of beauty which is difficult to attain and expensive?

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