(Photos); Happy Birthday Selena Gomez

Naturally, she celebrated her 26th this Sunday aboard another yacht—this time, bringing along even more company and plenty of pasta for what seemed to be some Italian-themed festivities.

While Gomez refrained from posting any snapshots, one of her friends posted Polaroids that read “Buon Compleanno” rather than “Happy Birthday,” and her assistant Theresa Mingus posted scenes of a sunset taken in from on the water, plus a buffet table filled with pretty much every type of pasta you can imagine.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, where she was performing for two hours in the rain, Taylor Swift played her signature role of ultra-domestic BFF and found time to make Gomez a long-distance celebratory cake—or at least to decorate one with the numbers 26, as well as the all-caps phrase “GOMEZ OR GO HOME,” which she declared from way off in New Jersey,

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