Fake Doctor Arrested in Kenya After Performing 8 Successful Surgeries

A fake doctor in Kenya has been busted after he managed to perform surgery on nine unsuspecting clients. Ronald Melly worked for many years at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital in Kenya without anybody noticing that he was a fake doctor. According to a report by forum.facmedicine.com, the fake doctor performed several surgery operations on … Continue reading Fake Doctor Arrested in Kenya After Performing 8 Successful Surgeries

Kenya Becomes The First African Country to Recognise Intersex People

Intersex people are born with physical characteristics that do not fit the typical definitions of male or female, Aljazeera described. A Kenya news media reported the census operation officially started at 6 pm with many Saturday with many Kenyans taking to the social media to describe the questions asked: “were not making sense.”. The governor … Continue reading Kenya Becomes The First African Country to Recognise Intersex People

Kenya launches Africa’s largest wind farm

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has commissioned Africa’s largest wind power plant in Turkana Northern Kenya, his office said in a statement on Saturday. The wind power farm is located next to Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake surrounded by three national parks and an active volcano. Speaking during the inauguration of the power … Continue reading Kenya launches Africa’s largest wind farm

Kenya introduces new banknotes to curb corruption

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that the country's currency is to be replaced with a new generation of banknotes. Kenyans must return their 1,000 shilling ($10; £8) notes to banks by 1 October, in a bid to fight money laundering, counterfeits and corruption. New currency is to be brought in over the coming months with other denominations being phased out gradually.

Former CNN Presenter Soni Methu Dies in Kenya

She collapsed suddenly on Thursday in Kenya and died en route to the hospital, her sister, Faith Methu, said in a statement. The cause of death remains unknown at this time. Methu was very proud to be the first Kenyan host of "Inside Africa," and was passionate about presenting her homeland to the world. She was previously east Africa correspondent at South African news channel eNCA for two years, where she covered the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nairobi and other incidents in the region.

Kenya Urges Tanzania, Uganda To Ban Plastic

Kenya’s National Environment Management Authority director general Prof Geoffrey Wahungu said despite the ban, the regulator still faces challenges in controlling contraband materials. “We have done well but we will not be free from plastic pollution if Uganda and Tanzania continue to produce the materials, which are sneaked into the country through the borders,” Prof Wakhungu