Juventus are reportedly considering selling star man Cristiano Ronaldo in order to raise cash for life after coronavirus, reports dailystar.co.uk. As one of the world’s most affected countries, Italy and the Serie A have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. There has been no football in the top flight since March 9, when most … Continue reading JUVENTUS PLAN TO SELL RONALDO AFTER COVID-19


Juventus have announced that defender Daniele Rugani has tested positive for Coronavirus. A short statement released via the club’s official website on Wednesday evening read: “Daniele Rugani has tested positive for Coronavirus-COVID-19 and is currently asymptomatic. “Juventus Football Club is currently activating all the isolation procedures required by law, including the census of those who … Continue reading JUVENTUS DEFENDER DANIELE TESTS POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUS

Has Cristiano Ronaldo had plastic surgery?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the finest footballers on the planet and one of the most well-groomed celebrities in the public eye. Many joke about the Juventus striker's fascination with his image but would he choose plastic surgery to make himself look as good as possible?
The other United players would try to wind him up, [saying] 'Whatever. Leo Messi is a better player than you'. And he would shrug his shoulders and smile again. 'Ah yes. But Messi does not look like this.

Cristiano Ronaldo To Submit DNA In Vegas Rape Case

Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo has been reportedly asked to submit a DNA sample as part of the police investigation into his Las Vegas rape case.
We learn that the Juventus star is cooperating with the police 100%.
It would be recalled we previously reported, the Las Vegas Metro PD has reopened the investigation into claims made by Kathryn Mayorga that Ronaldo sexually assaulted her in his hotel room back in 2009.