Luweza couture; A Nigerian Fashion Brand

Luweza couture is a fashion brand that makes distinguished outfits for the females, targeting Nigeria and the international market.
We are into designing of fabrics with unique designs with the aim of making our clients look exceptionally unique at every function they attend.

7 Ways to Generate Publicity Without Spending a Dime

Positive publicity is a powerful tool when operated correctly. That’s what I call public relations -- positive publicity. The term “PR” is so boring and antiquated. Many people don’t realize how powerful it is because they don’t seem to understand how it works. What I’m about to say flies in the face of what public relations insiders want entrepreneurs and business owners to think:

Register your Nigerian business with N5000 offer ends March 31- CAC

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has extended the 50% discount on business name registration till March 31, in what appears to be a call on Nigerians to register their businesses at N5000, down from as much as N10,000 previously. The commission took to its Twitter page on Thursday, January 3, to urge Nigerians to take advantage of the window, adding that it took the decision to deepen the benefits of its reform initiatives.

Forbes ranks Nigeria behind Ghana as Best Country for Business

Nigeria has been rated the 110th best country for business in the world in 2019, out of 161 graded countries. Top on the list are United Kingdom (1), Sweden (2), Hong Kong (3), Netherlands (4), New Zealand (5) and Canada (6). The United States of America is rated 17th. South Africa, according to the list released by Forbes, came first in Africa.

Pay Yourself Or Reinvest In Your Company? Tips For Entrepreneurs

In the beginning, an entrepreneur’s focus may be more on investing into the business instead of into their own bank account. Yet, as a fledgling startup grows into a successful business, things change. After a few years, the business may be more stable and even doing well. At that point, an entrepreneur needs to decide just how much to reinvest into the business versus themselves.