Overweight virgin who has never had boyfriend mysteriously gives birth to baby

The woman in her 20s, from Guiyang, China refused to accept she was giving birth after being brought in to a hospital with abdominal pains. Doctors say that the educated woman, who was excessively overweight , had not noticed that she was pregnant because of her size. She then complicated matters by insisting medics carry out a virginity test first before carrying out a C-section.

Mum, 25, has SEPTUPLETS in remarkable natural birth

A new mother delivered a remarkable seven babies in a single natural birth with all the children reportedly in perfect condition and doing well. The startling birth occurred at a hospital in the Diyali Province of eastern Iraq in what is believed to be the first septuplet delivery in the country. The seven newborns, six girls and one boy, are said to be in good health after receiving medical check-ups and images show four of the tiny babies lying in a bed together.