With the number of dead and infected due to coronavirus rising by the hour in Italy, a pair of images showing currency notes littered all around is going viral on social media with the claim that Italians are throwing their money on the streets as it is useless to them now.

Facebook user “Manish Dhawan” shared the images and wrote a caption in Hindi which translates to, “Italians threw their money on the streets. They say it’s of no use to them now.

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found the claim along with the pictures to be misleading. The one-year-old pictures are from Venezuela.

The misleading post has been circulating like wildfire on social media. With the help of reverse search, we found that these pictures are available on the Internet since March 2019, several months before the coronavirus outbreak.

A report by “Snopes” says these pictures were taken in Venezuela in March 2019. The currency seen lying on the streets is Venezuela’s old currency, the Bolívar Fuerte, which was replaced by a new form of currency, the Bolivar Soberano, in August 2018. Venezuelans threw their old notes on the streets as they became worthless for them.

It was also reported that people in Venezuela looted a bank and then burned the money to show that it was worthless. Many journalists had tweeted pictures with the same information.

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