A young man of about 34-years-old who identified himself as Nwabueze Nwadike on Friday stripped himself naked after his son he brought to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri died before his very eyes.

Nwadike, who could not bear the death of his child, said to be his first son, got angry and threatened to destroy every item in the medical centre while still carrying his dead child in his arms.

According to an inside source from the medical centre, Nwadike’s son, about three years of age, was said to have been brought to the FMC Thursday night after complaining of a high fever.

Nwadike has also claimed that his son died five minutes after he was injected by a doctor at the medical institution.

The distraught father was in a rage, running around the hospital with his dead child, but was caught by security personal at the entrance of the hospital where, it is claimed, he was beaten.

FMC Owerri spokeswoman Mrs Jovita Achonu has, however, denied the man brought his son to the centre for treatment.

According to her, the man brought his son from a private hospital where he was initially being treated to the medical centre.

“You see, he brought the boy from a private hospital, but when the boy later died he got angry and ran to the gate, we were chasing him to treat him because we felt he was not alright and he got injured in the process,” the hospital spokeswoman said.

She denied his being harmed by any security personnel from the medical centre.

“He could have injured himself while trying to run around the hospital, you know, as someone who lost a child, nobody touched him,” Achonu said.

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