Duncan Mighty Mocks Etinosa Over Benz gifted to her in Dubai

Duncan Mighty recently took to his Instagram page to mock actress Etinosa Idemudia over a car gift she received in Dubai.

Duncan Mighty revealed he is in a state of confusion as he intends to find out how the car gift suddenly got to Nigeria in less than 28 days, which according to him, is impossible.Etinosa smokes using bible as an ashtray

Duncan Mighty

“It takes nothing to be real. It takes 28 days to ship a car from Dubai to Gidi. Trying to figure out how this car take disappear as MERCEDES BENZ from Dubai and then land as 2009 Tokunbor Venza. White people please explain the technology behind this magic”. Duncan Mighty says.

Reacting to this, the actress fired back, stating that she has more than one car and went ahead to list the names of her three cars.

See the exchange below:

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