Christians Hold Sunday Services Behind Buhari’s Kitchen – Osinbajo

The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has called for religious tolerance in Nigeria.
He said that President Muhammadu Buhari was an embodiment of such.
Osinbajo explained that Buhari is so tolerant that he allowed the Villa Chapel to be situated behind his kitchen.
He spoke at the Opening of the General Assembly of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Abuja and was contained in a statement signed by his spokesperson, Laolu Akande.
The statement titled: “VP: How we hold Villa Church Service besides Buhari’s kitchen every Sunday” reads: “Every Sunday, my family and over 100 Christians attend service in the Chapel at the Villa.
“The Chapel is located in the premises of the President and his family. It is located a few seconds away from the First Lady’s kitchen. Sometimes when I see the President on a Sunday morning, he asks me whether the service is over already or I am escaping from the service!
“That is the sort of tolerance that we need in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society and it is the duty of leaders to show that sort of example.”

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