Chelsea players face fines of £20,000 for turning up late to training

Frank Lampard has ushered in a bright new era at Chelsea, lifting the negative cloud over the club brought by his predecessor Maurizio Sarri… but the Blues manager has a stern side.

A leaked image of the Chelsea boss’s fines system has shown the club’s all time top goalscorer will not stand for any wavering standards at Stamford Bridge, with players fined as much as £20,000 for misdemeanours.

Should one of Lampard’s stars arrive late for a team meeting, they will clock up a £500-a-minute charge, while their phone ringing during the discussion – or any other club meeting or meal – will see them fork over another £1,000.

Players late for training will have to turn over £20,000 to the club coffers – with proceeds going towards team activities and charities – while not turning up for club corporate or community occasions will result in a £5,000 fine handed down.

Even turning up in the wrong attire for travel or matchdays can cost a player £1,000.

Full list of Chelsea fines

Late for matchday/1st team departure: £2,500

Late for report time for training: £2,500 plus £2,500 for every 15 minutes thereafter

Late in gym for pre-activation: £1,000

Late for treatment: £2,500

Late for team meetings: £500 per minute

Late for start of training: £20,000

Phone ringing during team meal or meeting: £1,000

Reporting in the wrong attire/kit for team travel and match days: £1,000

Not travelling back on team coach post-match, without giving 48 hours’ notice to the manager of an assistant manager: £5,000

Refusal or not turning up for corporate/community duties: £5,000

Not reporting illness or injury before day off or 1 hour, 30 minutes before training: £10,000

Late for medical appointments: £2,500

Fines are commonplace across Premier League clubs, and even something squads often revel in.

Some clubs have even introduced ‘Wheel of Fortune’-style fine systems which can result in players taking the entire squad out for dinner, ordering in takeaways or even buying a cheap car.

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