Ronaldo: When I finish my career, I will disconnect from everything

Cristiano Ronaldo was the star on the front cover of this week’s France Football magazine. The organisation that awards football’s most esteemed prize for an individual player sat down with the Juventus star to find out more about him.

Ronaldo on staying at the top

“You have to be intelligent to stay at the top,” the Portuguese player declared. He went on to say explain other keys to his longevity and success and how he aims to feel as young as he can. At 34, he is still defying many.

Cristiano has tended to shy away from questions about the end of his playing career, but confirmed to the French outlet that he will switch off for at least a while when the time eventually comes to hang up his boots.

“When I finish my career, I will disconnect from everything,” the Real Madrid legend concluded.

Following the news that Cristiano was speaking to France Football, there were some reports coming out of Italy that the expectation is he could be getting ever-closer to winning a record sixth golden award.

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