How To Prevent WhatsApp Hackers

Internet hackers are now everywhere! They look for every way possible to either clone you or take over your online accounts completely. Now, they are crawling through a medium you may think they can’t penetrate, and that is WhatsApp!

Below are their strategies and steps you can take to secure your account.

1. It is advisable for every WhatsApp user to upgrade the app security as a good measure to protect your account from being hacked.

2. Hackers are now taking over people’s accounts, and the not too good aspect of it is that, you are not likely to know that your account has been hacked and that your phone number has been changed without your knowledge.

3. If you are very sensitive, the only thing you observe is that you are being exited from different groups you belong on WhatsApp.

4. Or friends may call to inform you when the hacker starts sharing contents they suspect are not likely to come from you, but if you are used to sending such messages, (meaning the hacker is cloning – replicating you), it may be long before people suspect they’ve been relating with a wrong person!

5. Same hacking style applies to Facebook, as Facebook owns WhatsApp and both accounts are somehow linked. So, if it is possible to take over your WhatsApp account without your knowledge, they can do same for the Facebook.

6. After taking over the account, they will change the number to their own number in all groups you belong and that number will still carry your name, while they post messages as if you are the poster.

7. It could be very embarrassing the type of messages they share with your name – they are mostly out to scam people or share X-rated adult contents with phishing scripts to steal passwords and credit cards information once you click on the content.


1. On your WhatsApp, kindly go to Setting, from there, go to Account, then go to Two-Step Verification.

2. You will be asked to type Six-Lettered Code. After you do that, you are also asked to give an email address. Please, supply every information and click OK to submit.

3. Ensure you safe your password, you may store it in your passworded notepad, or write it somewhere so you won’t forget, as occasionally, you may be asked to input your password when attempting to use your account.

3. Once you do that, your account is secure. Whoever attempts to hack into your account will be asked to input the secret code, meaning that it is only you or whoever you authorise that can gain access into your account.

4. You can also do this to all your online accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Emails, LinkedIn, and others.

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