How to avoid those nasty razor bumps when shaving your legs

Shaving your legs can be a long and grueling process for most women. Between ingrown hairs, razor rash and stubble that grows back in two minutes, the road to smooth skin can be a (razor)bumpy one.

Hair removal is something nobody really teaches you how to do, perhaps in part due to how self explanatory it seems. But as anyone who’s tried knows, getting the perfect shave is not as easy as it may appear.

So if you want to know how to avoid those nasty little bumps, keep reading.

1.Choose your razor carefully

Your razor is your primary tool for shaving your legs, so don’t underestimate its importance. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a razor for it to work, although it may help. The most important thing is that it’s clean and sharp.

Using a razor that is sharp, dry and rust-free will give you the cleanest shave possible. Dull blades lead to cuts, so pros usually advise swapping them out after every 5 to 10 shaves .

Store it in a cool dry place and remember that a blunt razor, leads to bumpy legs.

2. Moisturisation and exfoliation

Exfoliating your legs before you shave means that you remove any dead skin. This step is key as it prevents any dead skin from getting caught in your razor, which can lead to razor bumps.

The same can be said of moisturising, if you want legs that are completely smooth, it’s important to treat the skin on them kindly.

3. Explore all your options

Before picking up that razor, consider other options and find what works best for you. While hair removal creams might have their flaws, as well as waxing, in some cases they can actually lead to bump-free skin. This is because they are a blade-free way to keep your skin soft and hairless.

However, every option has its own pros and cons, so find which best suits you.

4. Conditioner as shaving cream

There is no doubt that shaving your legs should always require shaving cream. But there is an argument over what kind is the best kind.

Some experts believe that swapping out your shaving cream, for a conditioner, can prevent ingrown hairs and bumping.

According to Women’s Health, cosmentic chemist Ginger King, stated she herself uses conditioner to shave. “Conditioners are cationic which can coat the hair and give a smoother shave and leave legs soft,” she explains.

5. Shave against the grain

Begin at the ankle and carefully move the razor upwards, this method ensures shaving against the direction of hair growth. Which means a close shave, while if the same method was employed on the bikini area it would lead to bumping, it is perfectly fine on the legs.

This way shouldn’t create any extra knicks, as long as you thread carefully of course.

6. Rinse and Dry

This goes for both yourself and the razor. Make sure you clean off both your skin and your utensil after shaving to make sure there’s no excess hair clinging on. This means the next time you pick up your razor you won’t have to worry about what nasty stuff is stuck in the blade (or on your skin.)

To best avoid bumps, make sure you leave your bathroom with both your skin and razor clean, dry, and moisturized.

7.Don’t tan straight after

You’re not supposed to tan right after shaving, and while most of us know this, everyone is guilty of the occasional rush to get ready post-shave tanning session.

While it might seem harmless at the time, tanning soon after shaving will mean the tiny hair follicles that create the illusion of bumps, will become a lot more apparent.

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