Boko Haram makes money selling fish to Borno residents – Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army has revealed that Boko Haram insurgents now make ends meet by selling fish to residents of Borno State.

Olusegun Adeniyi, a major-general and theatre commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, who disclosed this on Friday, explained that four trucks loaded with smoked fish allegedly belonging to the insurgents were intercepted on the outskirt of Maiduguri, Borno state.
“Fishing is one of the major source of income that boosts the Boko Haram economy. Unfortunately, people from liberated areas who have no regards for lives and properties, or regards for the national cause to end this insurgency, and the common criminals who make money from everything, do go to Boko Haram camps, buy this fish, then bring it to sell in our markets,” he said.

“So, with that, Boko Haram now has a running economy that is generating funds for their dastardly activities.
“Therefore, the authorities said no, this cannot be allowed to go on. Though we have fully recognised the legitimacy of the fishing industry in Nigeria. However, the fishing being done by Boko Haram is to create confusion, continue the insurgency and to sustain their destruction of the Northeast and the country in general.”

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