Cossy Discharged From Hospital, Now On Crutches

According to Cossy, who spent three weeks in the hospital before she was discharged, she had a panic attack while handling the cat, she fell and had her foot twisted backwards. “I had a panic attack while handling my cat so I fell and my foot got twisted backwards,” she told TS Weekend. “I had an x-ray and I found out that my fibula was broken in three places. I was referred to the General Hospital, Lagos where I was asked to get another x-ray, showing that my ankle broke in two places and also the back of my fibula was broken in three places, which made me to undergo an operation.”Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy Orjiakor

Though, the actress did not have enough money on her, the doctor approved the surgery and asked her to pay later. “It was a huge relief. After the surgery, I was weak but happy. Recovering has been very easy because I had lots of friends that truly cared about me and visited me with plenty of gifts. In fact, my ward was like a party zone. I thank all the doctors most especially Dr. Olaonishola and all those who stood by me, for their support and encouragement.

“I have been discharged but I still can’t walk on my leg. I use non-weight bearing clutches and I am no longer receiving visitors. My house is still smelling with the rotten chicken I left in the fridge,” she concluded.

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