Interactive Session With Comr. Bello Shagari As He Marks One year as the President of NYCN

To mark one year as the President of National Youth Council of Nigeria, Comr. Bello Shagari conducted an online interactive session with the Nigerian Youths with the aim to reflect the activities and challenges of the NYCN in the last one year.

For the interactive discussion he stated in the live session “On a day like this last year July 24th. I, Comrade Bello Bala Shagari, was elected as the president of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN ) after a free and fair election was conducted and ever since then I have done my best to ensure that the youth council will be up to expectations.”

“It is one year today, we have made so many successes and a few mistakes and we are striving to do better this time around.”

“I’m sure you are aware of the controversy that is surrounding the National Youth Council of Nigeria which has resulted to the creation of new groups and are also claiming false leadership and that is why I’m here to listen to you and respond to you too and also to make clarifications concerning the issues going on.”

“Many of you may not be aware of the real purpose of the National Youth Council of Nigeria. The National Youth Council is almost in every country or it may also be present as an organization equivalent to the National Youth Council.”

“In Nigeria we have the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) which was set up in 1964 born out of the movement of the liberation of African countries. It has been evolving from a liberation movement organization to an activist organization we are currently transiting into a developmental organization where we work to grow our objectives and pursue national development and also to meet with developmental partners to assist government and other agencies in affairs relating to the youths. In doing this, It’s hasn’t been an easy adventure not everyone wants to transition from a political organization to a developmental organization. As a result we have been faced with a lot of resistance.”

“It is sad to say that a group of individual are trying to make people believe the organization belongs to them. Well the Youth council doesn’t belong to anybody, it belongs to all Nigerian Youths. Every Nigerian Youth has a stake in the organization. It belongs to the country at large and that’s what we are trying to prove and that is what this factions have been challenging, well we will not give up on this fight because we strive to liberate the Nigerian Youths, that is what brought us and that is what we’re going to achieve. Before we came into office we know what we wanted and what we also want for the Nigerian Youth.”

“We are not in this office to serve the purpose of any individual, we are here in this office to serve the purpose of Nigerian youths which is to defend and promote their interest to the best of our ability.”

“This is not a task for me as the president of NYCN but a task to all Nigerian youths. We must put all hands on desk to ensure we project a good image for ourselves and demand we deserve.”

“This is a very serious issue. I have decided to take this upon myself, it is not an easy one after all the challenges I have faced. Every true change comes resistance and we have faced a lot of resistance. We have been able to achieve so much even with all the distractions.”

“Since I commenced my office as the president of the NYCN the first I was able to do was to organize the International Youth Day Which was carried out a few weeks after we came into office and we visited the IDP camps and shared some items for their personal use. That was the first time the International Youth Day was celebrated in that manner.”

“We have also created access to information concerning the National Youth Council of Nigeria on Wikipedia and other social media platforms.”

“We have successfully brought back the image of the youth council with reputable organization.”

“We have been able to provide job opportunities for over 3,000 youths through this organizations.”

“We have successfully become an active member of Pan-African Youth Union and a whole lot. “

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