Govt should ban foreign content – Desmond Elliot

Movie actor, director, and politician Desmond Elliot who has starred in over two hundred films and a number of television shows and soap operas is being tongue lashed on social media for saying the federal government needs to ban foreign content in order to grow the entertainment industry.

This was disclosed by the economics graduate and father of four while addressing challenges facing Nollywood in an interview with Hiptv.

“The Government needs to create an enabling environment for this industry to thrive. Secondly, they need to consciously intentionally focus on building the industry. Treat it like you’re importing rice, So you ban all foreign content, make it difficult for foreign content to come in so your local content can grow.”

The politician also urged the industry to support the government, ” The music industry, the film industry, even the comic section as well, putting the square pegs in square holes and not mixing it the other way round, just make it professional.”

The actor further tasked the government to make loan accessible to the industry with less interest.
“This industry, if we don’t have purposeful and work done to this country. I mean you want to give loan and you are giving so much interest and you asking for collaterals, from where? These are people who just grew up.

“You must be ready to take treat this industry like you going to treat rice and other goods you are preventing and you are trying to grow in your country/”

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