Kenya launches Africa’s largest wind farm

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has commissioned Africa’s largest wind power plant in Turkana Northern Kenya, his office said in a statement on Saturday.

The wind power farm is located next to Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake surrounded by three national parks and an active volcano.
Kenya Wind Farm

Speaking during the inauguration of the power plant, Kenyatta said that the power plant, which will contribute 310 megawatts(MW) of clean, renewable and reliable low-cost energy, will change the future of Kenya.

“With this monumental feat, as Kenya scores another first in Africa, I challenge all Kenyans to remain resilient builders who build best when called upon to build greatly,” he said.

“This project will offer employment opportunities because we have electricity… schools, factories and other employment areas require electrical power, our country is blessed with vast renewable resources which remain untapped.”

According to Kenyatta’s office, the project comprises 365 wind turbines each with a capacity of 850kilowatts, Kenya’s installed power capacity has increased from 1,768 MW in March 2013 to the current 2,712 MW, with the Lake Turkana Wind, Garissa Solar Power (54 MW) and Ngong Wind Plants (26 MW) joining the grid within the last year.

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