Campaign for Youths Living with HIV

According to records, there are 5 million youth living with HIV.

Young people’s risk of becoming newly infected with HIV is closely correlated with age of sexual debut. Abstinence from sexual intercourse and delayed initiation of sexual behaviour are among the central aims of HIV prevention efforts for young people. Decreasing the number of sexual partners and increasing access to, and utilization of comprehensive prevention services, including prevention education and increasing access to condoms are essential for young people who are sexually active.Youths living with HIV

But by consistent awareness and understanding of HIV among youth with our educational and awareness such as HIV prevention, mental health, gender and sexual diversity, healthy relationships could actually solve the puzzle.

Programmes should also focus on prevention and early intervention in other health risk behaviours that may lead to HIV infection, such as injecting substances. Young people need HIV testing services that are accessible and appropriate. Young people living with HIV need treatment, care, support and positive prevention services. All HIV services for young people should involve young people living with HIV in their planning and provision.

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