Nigerian Boxer, Samuel Peter Loses Again to Hughie Fury In Saudi Arabia

It was all over in the seventh round as Peter was pulled out with an apparent dislocated shoulder – which he seemed to blame referee Ingo Barrabas for. Samuel Peter loses in Fight again

After catching one of Peter’s punches to the nose, Barrabas pushed him to the ropes, from where the 38-year-old claimed his shoulder popped out.Samuel Peter dislocates arm

After a three-minute delay with doctor’s called to the apron, it was eventually waved off.

There were worrying signs for the “Nigerian Nightmare” at the end of the first round as he lumbered blowing back to his corner despite barely throwing a punch.

Fury said, “I was very disappointed with how it ended. There were a lot of blows in there but that’s how it is. I think frustration came in and when he was getting hit he was landing with the low blows.

“He just wanted to get out of there, it wasn’t a genuine injury, he just bottled it. I took his best shots but it is what it is.”

38-year-old Peter hasn’t held a title for over a decade since losing his green belt to Vitali Klitschko in October 2008 and has lost half of his last 10 fights.

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