4 Apple Apps That Are Always Draining Your Battery — Even When You’re Not Using Them

Wondering which apps are the worst offenders?

Here are four Apple apps that are always draining your battery — even when you’re not using them.

1. Facebook

No list of apps that drain your iPhone battery is ever complete without one of the most draining apps of all: Facebook. Facebook is constantly searching for friends’ updates, as well as working hard to upload videos and images. And its work goes beyond what it does within the app itself: Facebook tracks your browser activity when you click on an advertiser’s link so that it can better help advertisers target customers.

2. Spotify

Streaming apps like Spotify are constantly checking for information in the background, downloading data, and notifying you of updates.

3. Instagram

One of the biggest reasons why Instagram is consuming battery when you aren’t using it is because you are exiting the app instead of fully closing it.
“Another aspect of Instagram that could be draining your battery is the location feature. If you have given Instagram permission to your location, then Instagram will be constantly searching for your location even when you’re not using the app. The best way to get rid of this is by going to the Instagram permissions and turning off location.”


Like Facebook and Instagram, this social media app is a battery drainer, often times because it relies on the camera feature, which consumes a lot of power.

According to PSafe: “A great way to reduce how much battery Snapchat is using is by turning Snapchat on “Travel Mode” in the app’s settings. By turning it to travel mode, Snapchat will run less in the background and save you battery.”

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