How Senator Abbo infected his Late wife with HIV/AIDS – Sisters-in-law Reveals

Eunice Tochukwu Ojukwu made this allegation when she visited the Ikeja office of the Sun newspaper yesterday.

She revealed “I am the immediate junior sister of Eucharia Uche Ishiaku who was married to the man you all now know as Senator Elisha Abbo,” she declared. “His real name is Clifford Ishiaku, that’s the name we knew him till we saw the story on social media that he is now a senator.”

She lamented that her sister would have been alive if her husband had informed her about his health status.Senator Elisha Abbo News

Senator Abbo and his late Wife Queen Eucharia Ojukwu

According to Eunice Ojukwu, the couple met sometime before 2009 and before they got married, he converted from Islam to Christianity.

On September 26, 2009, they had their church wedding at a Catholic Church in Adamawa.

Months after, she took ill and thereafter was treating a regular ailment, not knowing that she had been infected with HIV.

“I got to know about her illness in 2012,” she said.

“On her sick bed, she told me everything that happened, especially how she got to know that she was infected with HIV.

She told me that she later discovered that her husband was already infected but held that information from her while they were dating. Unknown to her, he was going for treatment and was still sleeping with her without protection.

Ojukwu claimed the family got to know about the battering and made an effort to rescue their daughter from the toxic marriage.

“We knew that he was raping our sister. He even tried to bring his friend so that both of them will sleep with my sister at the same time. She took a lot of stitches as a result of anal sex forced on her,” she said.

My family was against the marriage because they were not in support of inter-tribal marriage. We do not know much about the northerner and their culture.

Eunice Ojukwu stated all she wants is justice for my sister.

Source: The Sun Newspaper – Nigeria

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