Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah calls for improved visa issuance policy between Nigeria & China

Nigerians have suffered mass refusal of visa on a daily basis are regularly denied Chinese visas.

Senator representing Anambra South, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, has called for an effective visa issuance policy and trade relations between Nigeria and China.

Senator Ubah made this known when he visited the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency, Dr. Zhou Pingjian on Thursday.

The statement reads thus: “Yesterday, I paid a courtesy visit to the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency, Dr. Zhou Pingjian to discuss the increasing difficulty and mass refusal of visas suffered by well-meaning Nigerians especially my constituents who on a daily basis, are denied Chinese visas for reasons which are unclear and sometimes, unsatisfactory. I noted that over 70 percent of visa applicants who are mostly business men and women of repute find it difficult to secure Chinese visas. I reminded the Ambassador that as the Senator representing Anambra South, my allegiance is distilled to the interests and wellbeing of my constituents and Nigerians to a larger extent.

Furthermore, I advised the People’s Republic of China to consider the adoption of a more effective visa policy framework that will not destabilize the long-standing commercial ties that exist between both countries as Nigerians all over the world are known for excellence and entrepreneurship. The meeting was an excellent forum to discuss ways to enhance bilateral trade relations between both Nations as well as the need to positively review the visa rejection issue and related difficulties that serve as unnecessary impediments for Nigerians who wish to travel to China, especially for business purposes.

In response, the Chinese Ambassador, Dr Zhou who was thankful for the visit said that China is currently working on an improved communication system that would focus on updating Nigerians on the visa application procedures with the primary aim of bettering communication between visa applicants and the visa processing unit of the Chinese embassy in a bid to boost the number of Nigerians that are granted entry visas daily. While referring to Nigeria as the potential workshop of the world, the Ambassador also stated that increased visa issuance and entry of Nigerians into China would foster better understanding and friendship between both countries as well as increase revenue. In summary, he affirmed his commitment to my vision geared towards the creation of an era where more “Made in Nigeria goods” through the aid of China will thrive.”

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