Why do people call their sexual partners ‘Daddy’?

Has anyone else noticed how everyone seems to be calling their boyfriends “Daddy” during sex now?,’ a friend asked recently.

Yes, we all agreed.

It’s all over social media, you can buy t-shirts with the words ‘Daddy’s girl’ or ‘Yes Daddy’ plastered over the front and ‘make her call you Daddy’ seems to have become a synonym for being great in bed.

Justin Lehmiller, a social psychologist and author of Tell Me What You Want, struggles with the same lack of peer-reviewed proof of the increase, he has some clear ideas as to why it might be such a draw:

‘I suspect a big part of the appeal here has to do with the fact that using the “Daddy” label helps to establish a dominant-submissive dynamic,’ he tells Metro.co.uk.

‘More than anything else, It seems that people’s use of this term is tied to a desire to give up some degree of power or control to their partner.

The isn’t surprising because in the survey of over 4,000 adults that I performed for Tell Me What You Want, I found that submission was one of the most popular fantasy themes to emerge.

‘In fact, 87% of participants said they’d fantasised about taking on a submissive role during sex. Not only that, but people were more likely to fantasise about submission than dominance, and they fantasised about submission more often, too.

‘To the extent that people are indeed using the term “Daddy” to refer to their partners more often than they were in the past, this may just reflect increasing comfort with acknowledging an interest in submission.’

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