My husband sent me messages he intended for another woman

I GOT two texts from my husband that he said were for me but it was a lie and they were for another woman.

We have been through a very bad patch because he was seeing this woman from work.

In the end I told him to leave but he promised he would never see her again and he stayed.

We gradually got through that horrible time and he became loving again.

Then he sent a text saying, “We can meet in the usual place.”

Another one soon after said, “I do understand that you’re busy right now with your family stuff.” He said that was meant for his sister.

I’m 33 and he’s 35. In the end he admitted he does see that woman but says I am his lover and he sees her as his friend.

He shares his worries with her and she gives him ­marital advice, then he comes home to me to have sex.

I do believe they’re not lovers but I’ve told him I want him to see me as his friend, not her.

I’ve suggested counselling but he won’t agree.

I’ve even ­suggested that he and I meet up with this woman and her ­husband so we can all be friends but he said no to that as well. What can I do?

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