Namibia Woos Nigerian Businesses & Tourists

Nigeria and South Africa are two top economies in Africa and since the later gained independence in 1994, there have been growing business partnership between the two countries.

For example, South Africa Airways launched operation to Nigeria on December 4, 1998, that was four years after it became free from apartheid.

But recently Nigerians have been piqued by the seemingly unceasing xenophobia, which seemed to have defied government’s control, as many blacks from other African nations including Nigeria are killed in brutal and animistic manner.

However, considering the level of hostility South Africans have shown to Nigerians in their country, Namibia seems set to woo Nigerian businesses and tourists.

Specifically, Namibia came to Nigeria to showcase its tourism, investment and other potential and beckoned to Nigerians to visit the country as tourists, businessmen and as students.

In population Namibia is about 2.4 million people but it has land near as big as Nigeria. Namibia said it has a lot of tourism sites, especially game reserves and other natural endowments. But it can in no way be compared to South Africa, which has almost fully blossomed in population and in development with multi-business opportunities and countless tourism destinations. But in Namibia, blacks will be safe to visit.

Namibia Woos Nigeria

To encourage Nigerians to visit, Namibia last year connected flight to Lagos from its capital, Windhoek. The national carrier, Air Namibia now operates three times a week between Nigeria and the South African country and to further encourage Nigerians to travel, Namibia opened visa office in Lagos, Nigeria’s business hub.

Currently about 4000 Nigerians live in Namibia and last year over 700 Nigerians travelled to Namibia.

It was to encourage more Nigerians to travel that on Monday the Namibian High Commission in Nigeria, commissioned a visa processing office in Lagos, with a view to reducing to the barest minimum, the inconveniences being experienced while trying to get visa from its office in Abuja.

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