Kim Kardashian West is studying to be a lawyer

Kim Kardashian is starting a new career. She announced in Vogue’s May issue that, after 12 years of starring on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and assorted spinoffs — plus using the associated notoriety to launch a multimedia empire — she’s adding a new responsibility to an already full plate: She’s studying to become a lawyer.

And predictably, social media responded to the news by erupting with jeers.

Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover

“Why make a mockery of the hard work, diligence, respectability and INTELLIGENCE it takes to be a lawyer?” one Twitter user asked in response to Vogue’s tweet about the news. “You can have ambition, but not too much. Please stay in your lane.”

The general idea seems to be that Kim Kardashian’s thing is her famous body and the spectacle she creates with it on her reality shows. Anything else — anything that might require intellectual labor — is outside of her purview.

But Kardashian has already pulled off an impressive legal accomplishment. Last year, she successfully convinced Donald Trump to commute the prison sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother serving life in prison without parole for a drug crime.

Kim Kardashian studying for Bar Exams

Kardashian told Vogue that she loved the experience of making a tangible difference in someone’s life, but it also made her realize that she was out of her depth. “The White House called me to advise to help change the system of clemency,” she said, “and I’m sitting in the Roosevelt Room with, like, a judge who had sentenced criminals and a lot of really powerful people and I just sat there, like, Oh, shit. I need to know more.”

To that end, she decided to post up in a law firm. She’s following an apprenticeship path to the bar: Since Kardashian didn’t finish college, she’s studying with a group of practicing mentor lawyers for four years, rather than going to law school. After that, she’ll take the bar exam, and if she passes, she’ll have all the credentials she needs to practice law.

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