Ibadan Polytechnic shut over bloody clash

A bloody clash that ensued among students of the Polytechnic, Ibadan in Oyo State after a football match, yesterday, forced the school authorities to shut down the institution to prevent further breakdown of law and order.

Also, the management of the school announced the suspension of the Students’ Union Government, SUG, activities.

As early as 11am, the students, who were protesting the stabbing of their colleagues and injuring of another during a fracas that broke out after the competition, trooped to all the major roads within the institution and later blocked the two gates leading to the premises of the institution.

An eyewitness said that crisis broke out after a football match, between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Communications Studies, turned violent.

The clash led to a free for all as some students were seen carrying with guns. The eyewitness said: “I saw some of the students with machetes and double barrel guns. Though no one was killed in the process, gunshots were heard in some areas.

Those I saw did not look like Polytechnic students, they looked like outsiders. While the melee lasted, some of the hoodlums reportedly entered into the female hostels.

Some of them were even telling their colleagues to let them enter the school bakery to get some loaves of bread and bags of pure water. But, they could not go there due to presence of security agents.”

There were contradictory reports about those injured while the fracas lasted. While the source said, one of the students’ leaders was stabbed; another account stated that it was the Sports Director of the National Association of Polytechnic Engineering Students, NAPES, that was stabbed in the head.

Ibadan Polytechnic shut over cult clash

As at the time of filing this report, students living at Orisun Hall in the North and south parts of the campus were gripped with fear. It was gathered that some of the students came from the North gate to cause trouble at the South gate.

The crisis was between two rival cult groups which had been waiting for an opportunity to strike. “The crisis was a form of reprisal attack from one of the groups whose member had been attacked earlier. “The football match was just an opportunity for them. In fact, the rampaging students entered into lecture halls to disrupt students attending lectures”, the eyewitness told Vanguard.

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