Messi: My son asks me ‘why in Argentina people want to kill you’



“I dearly want to win something with the national side, I wanted to come back and want to participate in all the big games. When I made the decision to return, there were many who criticised the decision. My 6-year-old son asked me: “Dad, in Argentina why do they want to kill you“. I tell him that it’s just a handful of people. I’ve shown my desire to play for Argentine and don’t need to prove this to anyone”.

Copa America

“I left the World Cup squad and then didn’t speak with anyone at the federation. Later, Scaloni called me and told me to take some time off and that he’d be keen for me to come back as he was preparing a solid project”. 


 “Kun has told me on many occasions: I’m Leo’s friend and am a substitute. If it was up to me Kun would always be a starter. I turn up to games and always endeavour to do my best irrespective of the comments that are made behind my back. At times it can be difficult to enjoy of all that goes on with the national team set-up. I just try and focus on playing well”.

Young players coming through

“A transitional phase is totally normal and it’s something that should have happened years ago. The young guys have come through and need to be given time, we can’t crucify these guys”.

“Albiceleste”. “They are a good bunch of guys and are great players. Apart from the Venezuela game they played well and I’ve watched them develop with their club sides and I like the way things are developing”.

Messi: My son asks me 'why in Argentina people want to kill you'


“I’ve been told many things about Menotti and I’d love to meet him someday, it would be great to sit down with hims for a chat”.

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