Photos: Man cries out After he was scammed of N10N by a prophet

Charles Awuzie, a South Africa-based Nigerian Pastor took to his official Facebook page to share the story he received in his inbox from a man who was scammed by a Prophet identified as Solomon Oziegbe, all in the name of sowing seed.

Nigerian Scammers

According to the victim, the Prophet scammed him out of the money he had earlier planned to use and build a house for his mother who lives in a mud house in his hometown and also from the money he had set aside for his traveling allowance as he was already expecting his Germany visa.

Read the victim’s ordeal below;

‘I have been scammed by one prophet Solomon oziegbe to the tune of about 10 million naira within the space of just a year all in the name of seed sowing and prophetic prayers. Sir the latest amount that got me awake was the last 3million naira he collected from me out of coercion.

At about April 2018, i had a balance of 5million naira in my account which a major part was to build a two bedroom apartment for my mom in my home town and the balance set aside as my basic travelling allowance as i was expecting my visa to Germany few months from that time.

I decided to share with the prophet and he asked me to make the move, but a week later, he changed and asked that i sow the money it became a battle for me and my wife because i have already informed my mom that I’m coming home to build for her since its a matter of urgency.

Sir, after much persuasion from the prophet i had to bargain with him to allow me sow 2million naira but he insisted i sow 3million as that is an instruction from God. I was so devastated. But did the sowing anyway. My pain is that till now my mom still stays in that mud house which can fall anytime i still don’t have money to complete the house till now.

I angrily told the prophet that i feel used and needed an urgent refund but all i got was threat of never to think of collecting back a seed from a prophet of his kind as it is so dangerous., after much disturbance from me, he decided to give me 200k and an old rickety pajero jeep which is not worth 300k till this moment, the vehicle is still packed because i can’t find buyer. Sir Charles please i need your assistance.

I’ve watched you help scammed brothers and sisters in Christ recover their money from these money conscious prophets. This has even changed my total mindset about Christianity… For 2months Now I’ve not stepped into a church because of this experience….

I need help to recover my money at least the last 3million. God bless you sir”

According to Charles Awuzie, the man who the Victim narrates his ordeal to, the below was his response after reading the Victim’s ordeal;

Me: I need evidence.

Victim: Sends Screenshots as reproduced here…

Me: We need to do something to help this brother. Please take time to see the screenshots. I will soon publish the pictures and phone numbers of the prophet after contacting him.

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