How to Get Your Man to Love Valentine’s Day

Not many men are open to the idea of celebrating Valentines. Actually, were there a way out, a majority of them would have opted for a Valentines-free February. But have you ever considered the fact that the reason why your man may not be a big fan of Valentines is because you haven’t made him to? If you want to be at par with your man during this Valentines, here’s how to go about it.

As prior preparedness, sext him throughout the day so that you can get him aroused by the time he comes home. Tell him what you love about him, what you are dying to have him do to you and of course how you want him to take care of you during the night. You’ll see that he’ll do his very best to rush home and be with you as soon as he can.

Do not wait for him to make plans for the day. Instead, take care of all the booking and ensure that you take him out in a restaurant that he loves. There’s nothing as spontaneously sexy as taking the lead in a relationship once in a while. He’ll certainly love it!

You don’t have to overdo the Valentines theme by wearing red from head to toe. Instead, wear a simple but perfected red pout. That will get him staring at your lips all through and will get him wanting to taste you at every available opportunity. When that time comes, do not hesitate to mark your territory all through his body like you have never done before.

Next, give an extreme makeover to the little you down there: Keep it clean, smelling clean and fresh and also well covered with a new and sexy underwear or simply, leave it bare. This will get him knowing that he’s more than invited and will do everything to make sure that he outstays his visit and makes it good enough so that he’ll get a similar invite again and again.

Introduce a new scent to the bedroom; an aphrodisiac. Spray it all over you more especially on your neck, breasts, arms, thighs, legs and of course down there. He will eat you all through the night with no intentions of letting you go. Finally, make sure that you spoil him with the best sex that he has had his entire life.

At the end of it all, he’ll be the one looking forward to Valentine’s Day.

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