Kenya leader, mocks Nigeria over corruption

The Kenyan leader told a story of a Nigerian Minister involved in corruption and diversion of public funds.

Odinga, who did not mention the Minister’s name, was speaking at an event when he told the story about a Nigerian Minister for Works and a Malaysian Minister for Work.

According to Odinga, “A Nigerian Minister for works went on a tour to Malaysia and was hosted by his Malaysian counterpart.

“At Dinner, the Nigerian minister marvelled at the beauty of the Malaysian Minister’s house and asked ‘how did you do it ?’

“The Malaysian Minister replied, ‘go to the balcony and look yonder, What do you see?’

The Nigerian Minister looked and saw a road, then the Malaysian minister replied, ‘You see that highway there, 10% here.’

“Then 2 years later, it was the turn of the Malaysian minister to visit Nigeria.

“He was taken around and saw that the roads were in a poor state, with potholes.

“At dinner, the Nigerian minister took the Malaysian to his home. The Malaysian minister marvelled at the palatial mansion with Olympic size swimming pool and imported home utensils.

“He then asked his Nigerian counterpart, ‘How did you do it?’

“The Nigerian minister took him to the balcony and said ‘Do you see that highway there?’

“The Malaysian could see nothing, the Nigerian Minister replied: ‘100% here’.”

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