Quick Chat with Tchap0

Tchap0 fills us in on the inspiration for, and the recording of his new album as well as musical influences. He is sort of the person who is happier talking about his music than about himself,but like his music, open and honest.

His achievements outside music are incredible; he has been noticed for being involved in numerous humanitarian and environmental works. A legend and a true artist indeed.

Riding this wave of creative and commercial success, he released Paradox. His aspiration as an artist has always been to be able to work without boundaries.

ATA : I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve been putting in this year and how ever many years it’s taken you to get to this point.

Tchap0 : Word up. It’s a really good blessing, man.

ATA: What drew you to the music industry?

Tchap0: Well, Music is something I enjoy and love doing so much, it’s my passion. I been singing since I was a kid, at church, family events until I graduated then chose to pursue music professionally.

ATA: What makes your music unique?

Tchap0: I feel it’s my sound and lyrics. Not regular

ATA: Who would you say gives the best inspiration?

Tchap0: Right now, Burna Boy

ATA: Are you a member of any music organizations?

Tchap0: I’m signed to BME & HT

ATA: Do you collaborate with others?

Tchap0: Yeah of course, I do.

ATA: Who would you say you had the most interesting collaboration with? and who do you think you could have the best collaboration with?

Tchap0: Hmmm, all my collaboration sessions are a one of a kind and whom I’m hoping to have the best with ? Don’t wanna get my hopes up but look forward to a session with Kanye West.

ATA: What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released

Tchap0:BALL off my latest project #Paradox

ATA: How do you balance your music with other obligations – friends, job?

Tchap0:Well I got my friends around me and so we make music always. If we not in the studio, we on the road.

ATA:Does your fame affect your regular life?

Tchap0: Not exactly, I just got to keep it real.

ATA: Celebrity crush?

Tchap0: Right now, Kendall Jenner

ATA: Are you currently in a relationship?


ATA: Tell us about your favorite performance venues?

Tchap0: The Stadium

ATA: What’s next for you?

Tchap0: More music and tours.

ATA: What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Tchap0: just believe in yourself and know what exactly you want. Set your goals and stay focus.

Follow on IG: Tchap0

Twitter: Tchap0_


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