Worlds First Cryptocurrency Phone, Launches to the Public.

It has been almost 7 months since Phil Chen, HTC’s Decentralised Chief Officer, stood on stage at Coindesk’s Concensus summit in New York and announced the worlds first cryptocurrency focused phone, the Exodus1.

Yesterday, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee joined the Exodus team on stage in Helsinki, Finland at the SlushHQ event to officially announce the Exodus1 is now available for purchase.

“We want the user to be their own bank”…“We think it’s really really important that the user owns their own identity” — Phil Chen, CDO Exodus

HTC are not shy to try new ideas, they were the first company to make an android phone as well as one of the first to dive into the VR space. Now they are entering what they believe will be an emerging market of phones built around cryptocurrency and the development of these open protocols.

The Exodus1 is designed to be an easy way for users to securely manage and control their own data as well as finances with direct support for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherum at the core of the phone. Users private keys are stored securely on the device and are isolated in a ‘trusted environment’ away from malware and phishing. As money becomes more network based and programable the Exodus team believe their phone will help bridge this gap as a “smart way to fulfil your demand for protection of your crypto assets while still enjoying the convenience of a high-end mobile device.”

“We see the phone as a hub to supporting these protocols and distributing these protocols”… ”The more nodes that we can provide on these phones, the more distribution we can actually get.”

The work from HTC is advancing the adoption in a more serious yet invisible manner. HTC are pioneers in this market and are laying the groundwork for what could be the very real future of the technology by helping support these networks and bringing more user ran nodes online.

For those looking to purchase an Exodus1 they are available on HTCs website right now via cryptocurrency at a fixed rate of 19.84 LTC (~$550)

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