Expert Tips For Marketing Your Business On Instagram

Millennial have latched onto the power of Instagram as one of the most effective marketing tools for the younger generation.

Instagram has become two monster platforms inside one,” meaning that the type of content posted in the main feed differs widely from the newer Instagram story feed, and as a result user engagement on the platform has increased. Instagram’s popularity is second only to Snapchat, and remains the preferred social network over Facebook and Twitter.

Authenticity is key

According to Statista, top global brands that use Instagram include auto, fashion, beauty, travel, and retail. Pop stars have used Instagram to market their music.

But the majority of the 25 million businesses that now use Instagram are small businesses, from clothing retailer Man Outfitters, to Letterfolk, a company specializing in felt letter boards for the home. Many small businesses are blowing up by taking strategic advantage of artsy visual posts, story feeds, and Instagram Direct messaging.

People are struggling to sell their products, services and ‘themselves’ because they don’t know how to get their stuff out to the world.

User-generated content is key not only because it tends to me more authentic, but consumers rarely respond to polished branded content these days. Instead consumers value candid posts and conversations via social media, as that gives them the human touch they don’t typically get in today’s digital business landscape.

Tell a compelling story

Since social media plays such a huge factor in the lives of Millennials, those who make up the first all-encompassing group of humans to not know life without the internet or mobile devices, they not only want a great product, but they want to know the story behind that product. And they love to tell their own personal stories, too.

Instagram is certainly the place for young consumers to show off fabulous moments of their lives, whether that be their travels, time spent with significant others, cute moments with pets, or the hustle and bustle of their work days. And the secret Instagram, or “finsta,” allows people to share their not-so-glamorous moments, which do happen. Brands have the opportunity to reflect all of this for the younger generation.

Everyone has a story. There’s so many talented people all over the world, whether they be dancers, actors, or people who have really great products and services, but nobody knows about them or has heard of them. There are abundant opportunities to craft their stories and share them on platforms like Instagram.

Embrace the innate worldliness of Generation Z

Gen Z is the first generation with the world literally at their fingertips. The content on Instagram, generated from people all around the world, coincides with that perfectly. Being constantly connected makes this generation feel worldly, they don’t feel tied to any one place or job, as they have endless amounts of knowledge and opportunities at their fingertips. They prefer working for themselves, or working remotely as physical offices seem unnecessary, and prefer to communicate through smartphones versus laptops or computers.

It’s critical for businesses to make their mobile experience seamless and engaging, as this is where the younger generation is spending their time.

Teenagers are constantly checking their smartphones; in fact, they check their phones approximately 150 times throughout the day.

This generation, much like Millennials, has a need for instant gratification and wants to be connected as much as possible. Smart phones are a simple way for them to connect to the rest of the world quickly.

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