Kim Kardashian’s Paris Bodyguard Sued for $6.1 Million Over Robbery

Kim Kardashian’s insurance company is suing a security guard for $6.1 million after he left the reality TV star alone in 2016 in a Paris hotel room, where she was subsequently robbed at gunpoint.

TMZ reports Pascal Duvier and his employer, PROTECTSECURITY, are being sued by insurance company AIG for the sum it had to pay Kardashian for the stolen jewelry that was taken during the Oct. 3, 2016, robbery. In the lawsuit, AIG claims that Duvier failed to correct “number of security breaches in the hotel” that allegedly allowed the masked robbers to enter Kardashian’s room—including a missing lock on the hotel’s front gate and an intercom on Kardashian’s door that was not working. The website reported that Duvier left Kardashian alone in her room to follow Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner to a “nearby club.” Kardashian was gagged, tied up, and placed in the bathtub during the incident but was not otherwise harmed.

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