This is the proper way to type the new iPhone names

The official way to type the names of the 2018 iPhone lineup have finally been confirmed by Apple nearly a week after the company revealed the phones at its Gather Round keynote.

All three of the new iPhones have a letter suffix attached to an X which has been downright confusing for most fans. In some instances, it seemed like all uppercase letters were called for, while some people were only using lower case suffixes. The confusion has been cleared up though and the names are actually pretty simple.

Regular version

• iPhone XS

• iPhone XS Max

• iPhone XR

Small caps version:

• iPhone Xs

• iPhone Xs Max

• iPhone Xʀ

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max go on sale this Friday, September 21 while the iPhone XR doesn’t hit stores until October 16. Early reviews for the XS and XS Max were very positive overall, however, many testers noted that the phones don’t feel like as big of a revolitionary leap as the iPhone X did.

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