Bad effects of wine on your skin

Unfortunately, wine just happens to be the worst drink for your skin out of all the alcoholic choices.

Turns out, that post-work glass of red could be wreaking havoc on your skin in more ways than one.

It increases your risk of cancer, depression and heart disease.

Here are some characteristics to look out for when identifying if you have ‘wine face’ or not.

• Pronounced lines or redness between the eyes

• Droopy eyelids

• Enlarged pores

• Dehydrated skin with feathery lines across cheeks

• Reddish cheeks and nose

• Deep nasolabial folds

Alcohol deyhydrates the body, worsening small lines and wrinkles. According to Face Mapping technology, those with ‘wine face’ will find wrinkles will be more evident between the brows compared to other parts of the face.

Wine can also cause capillaries to dilate, resulting in flushed cheeks and a reddish complexion.

But don’t panic—as long as you drink in moderation (and consume tons of water) you won’t have to eliminate it from your diet completely.

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