Side hustle Tips

For many creative people, working a day job is one of their biggest obstacles when it comes to making progress on personal goals. By the time the workday is over, you don’t have much time left for your side hustle. Plus, you’re tired. It’s hard to summon any energy to invest in your blog, your book, or your business.

1. Sell

In the words of Robert Kiyosake, “If you can’t sell, you don’t make money!”

Selling is a crucial part of virtually any side hustle or creative endeavor. Entrepreneurs sell opportunities to investors and products to customers. Authors sell the value of their ideas to agents, publishers, and eventually readers. If you want your creative goals to be more than a hobby, you need to start learning how to sell, and the best way I’ve found is through practice.

2. Teach

Different goals require different skills, but in any case, teaching is a great way to learn. Do your creative goals involve art? Teach art to kids. Math? Take on a few students who aren’t as experienced as you.

3. Rideshare

We all know networking is important. They say, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” And while that’s not exclusively true, knowing how to network certainly gives you a big advantage when you’re pursuing big goals.

At its core, networking is primarily the ability to strike up and sustain an interesting conversation with strangers. Ridesharing is an awesome chance to practice that. You can have interactions with a wide variety of people and get some feedback in the form of ratings.

And the best part is, the pressure is low. If you have an awkward conversation, you can just drop the rider off and try again with the next one. When that happens, remember, you’re getting paid to learn — and failure is part of the process.

4. Deliver

Delivery jobs are great for people with big goals because …

They give you hours of paid time to learn!

As you drive around town, you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks through apps like Audible or Playster. You can also use the time to brainstorm ideas and solutions for the work you’re doing in your side hustle.

5. Assist

As a creative person with big dreams, the idea of being an assistant to someone else might not sound appealing to you. But if you do it intelligently, it can be almost like a paid apprenticeship.

6. Manage

If you ever plan to hire a team, you need to learn how to lead. Contrary to popular opinion, effective leadership is not a skill you pick up naturally like walking or breathing. It’s also not an extension of some other skill.

What will make you a great leader? Practice. Finding a management level position now can prepare you for leadership success later in life.

How do you find a management position? Start small. Franchises, such as fast food restaurants, have very effective management training programs.

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