Personal Review

Hello, Welcome to my blog “AsToldbyAdaa”

Personal Review

A social introvert: I am friendly and outgoing, but reserved. At the end of the day, I prefer to keep to myself. It’s just not realistic, so I spent years learning to adapt .

I believe in Giving rather than taking.

I speak directly from heart. I praise very quickly and I prefer to use very cute and sweet words just like a child. I can praise anyone if i find even a single good quality.

Elegant: I love looking good. I’m almost always dressed up.

Restless: I often go to bed unsatisfied with what I have done earlier in the day. I always want to do something greater and more challenging things.

Positive: I look for the humor in situations, am frequently cracking jokes and telling stories to entertain myself and others, and it’s one of the absolute best feelings to me when someone laughs at jokes I make.

Open minded: I will find a way to see your side, even if I don’t agree. I support you having your experience and being where you are, even though it’s different than me.

Humble: I tend to stay humble about many things. Compliments don’t mean much to me anyway. I like when my works speak for themselves, instead of me having to say how awesome I am.

Humorous: I can make you laugh anytime, every time.

I love being happy


I love playing the keyboard, makeup artistry, cooking too.

I love surfing the internet, reading, photography and sleeping

I dislike pretenders and thieves

Best Movies

Game of Thrones


The God father

Best products



Wigged by Lana

Master wash liquid detergent


Best social media apps




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