Easter Eggs and bunnies

A must read:

You might have seen eggs and bunnies on social media this Easter celebration, it actually does have a meaning.

Easter bunnies

It is an imaginary rabbit said to bring gifts to children at Easter.

Bunnies are ancient symbols of fertility.

Bunnies are nowhere to be found in the Biblical scriptures.

Easter bunnies were incorporated into tradition in the 17th Century. In Germany bunnies are use to deliver toys and eggs in baskets to Christian families. It stems from pagan ritual.

The pagan festival -Easter is dedicated to the goddess of fertility, who is depicted as a rabbit.

Easter Eggs 🥚Easter Eggs are also called Paschal eggs. It is an artificial chocolate egg or decorated hard-boiled egg given at Easter.

During the Easter event, it’s become customary to buy chocolate eggs.

The sweet treats have a hollow centre, which has become a symbol of Jesus’ empty tomb. According to the Bible, Jesus body was laid out in the tomb after crucifixion.

The Bible states that when the stone covering the entrance was moved, the corpse was nowhere to be found and it was discovered that Jesus had risen.

Later on, eggs became a symbol of rebirth for Christians.

So here you have it, next time you see an Easter bunny or egg you already have an insight, thanks to Adaa.

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