“Wig it! The new Trend!”

pon the beat – a post for all gender

The most fantastic thing about wigs is the ability to change looks in seconds.

Do you know how great it is to be able to pull off your hair once you get back from a stressful day and possibly able to wash your natural hair with a nice shampoo, letting the nerves down a bit.

The most efficient new thing in film industry is the use of wig. Both actresses and actors use wig to show time intervals in a play. This automatically makes work easier for the makeup artists.

Sitting down for hours trying to get your braids done can be so annoying, forgetting the part it could be so painful, with so much cramps from the chair, ouch back pain.

Natural hair lovers get in here. Ouuuuu as a big fan for wigs, I also have natural hair(not relaxed) and that’s where wigged by Lana comes in. There are no stress in maintaining my hair as you all know the troubles of natural hair, so tiring and exhausting.

If you still have your natural hair, you will understand how difficult it is to make a weave.

Wigs can make us go on any style of weave we want in this world. Can you believe that ✅. Isn’t that a 100/100.

Wigs brings about creativity, individuals come up with beautiful ideas on various styles of wigs.

Another beautiful thing about wigs, it has a better duration, I remember when my weaves use to always get bad ,so if your a little careless like I am, get in here. Wigs has done so much justice-to this. This applies to curly weaves, you know how hard it is to maintain them. SMH 🤦‍♀️

It is also very economical💰, though wigs may cost a bit, it is so worth your money *girl*. It lasts for decades take it from me.

Boys get in here too surprise your girl today with a nice wig (wigged by Lana) and see how happy she’s going to be.

Join me on this amazing journey of hair

No pain, no stress 😎, plus a badass hair

Wig by Lana is here, stronger and better.

On Instagram: Wiggedbylana

Please check the Instagram page for an exciting insight @wiggedbylana

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