Dating Tips

1. Find someone with aligned interests

When you’re dating, some guys make it clear that they’re looking for something that you’re not: a casual relationship, a mother replacement, a fishing buddy.

2.Don’t talk about your ex

Don’t talk about other women, or men, in front of the one you’re with. I’m amazed how many men do that. So there is nothing worse than sitting there on a date telling a girl you’ve got a crush on Sandra and how in love you were with your ex-girlfriend.

The most powerful tool you have is to be interested in other people

It makes women want to shrink even further. Women shouldn’t do that about other men either. It’s just impolite.

3. Be confident


Do think about the location for the date. A good location can make or break a date. Somewhere not too busy — quiet is always good. So think about where you’re going to take your date. Don’t over think it.

3.Be interested

Do ask questions. When I was young someone said to me the most powerful tool you have is to be interested in other people. It’s the sexiest, most inviting thing ever. There’s an assumption that if you go to a party and dazzle people with stories about yourself you’ll be remembered. But the person who leaves the real impression is the person who doesn’t reveal too much about themselves but takes a real interest in others’ stories.

6. For girls; Don’t call him first

Needless to say, this also extends to all forms of human

Communication, including but not limited to: text, email, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, actual mail, fax, telegram. Actually, just never initiate anything. The last thing you want is for your date to think that you are clingy or opinionated. It’s incredibly important that your dude thinks that you don’t think. So you just stay calm and wait by the phone.

7. Keep the conversation fun

Try to keep your conversation light-hearted. On your first date, you don’t want to get into an in-depth conversation about why you don’t enjoy your job, or other issues you’ve been having. Women want a guy who can make them laugh. Yes you do have to be serious sometimes, but in the early stages of dating, have some fun.

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